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Give Senior Dogs A Chance Of A Brighter Future

According to some estimates, senior dogs are twice as likely to be euthanized before they find a new home compared to younger dogs.

The mission of Second Sunrise is to give senior dogs a bright new beginning in a new home.

We do this by contributing a percentage of profits from the sales of our products to shelters, with the intention that it helps with boosting resources to support older dogs until they can find a new home.

We’d love for you to join the mission if you like any of our designs. After purchasing we welcome suggestions for shelters to give back to.

You'll Love The Cozy Premium Feel

  • Premium, cleaner, softer cotton: the cotton used in our shirts have 2.5x less impurities as they're combed out during the manufacturing process
  • Side-seamed construction: gives you a more flattering fit compared to the standard tubular manufacturing many standard shirts are made with.
  • Eco-friendly coloring process: the fabric used requires 7x less water to color compared to the standard process

99 Day Hassle Free Refunds And Returns

  • Order without risk: you have 99 days from the time you've made your order to refund or return your order for any reason at all, no questions asked